Diane Keaton for Chico’s!

Chico’s have got their finger on the pulse, people! The proof is in the fact that they’ve just hired Diane Keaton to star in their holiday campaign! This is the best celebrity pairing we’ve seen in a long time as Diane Keaton is so Chico’s it’s painful to think they’ve spent all these years apart. You’ve heard us go on and on about how much we love the accessories we’re always discovering in store. To be honest, this is not a brand that makes clothing for the young twenty something girl. It is exactly the brand that dresses women like Diane Keaton! Her style is impeccable and she always dresses “age appropriate”. A huge congrats to the two on Chico’s first walk down celebrity endorsement lane! (and for the youngings out there please remember that there are some good pieces to be hand in store so don’t pass it by – think jewelery!)


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