Daily Fashion Quote from Wall Street Journal

Reason number 9,256 why my dad is the coolest (and most supportive) one out there: While reading the Wall Street Journal he spotted and sent me an article titled “The Beating Heart of Fashion” from which the above quote is taken. This is an article written mostly about Katie Grand but also puts a huge emphasis on how stylists influence the entire world of fashion. 

Another quotable quote from Grand:

“I think Topshop is selling thousands of hot pants because Marc [Jacobs] and I put Kate Moss in a pair with a posh jacket smoking a cigarette on the catwalk for the last Vuitton show,” Grand says. “That shows up in newspapers around the world, and then some girl, if she’s got decent legs, says, ‘Oh yeah, I could wear a nice jacket and a pair of hot pants.’ But I wouldn’t say any of these people know who I am.'”

This is definitely worth a read if you have a few minutes and want to learn a bit more about the cyclical world of fashion. {Wall Street Journal}


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