Balenciaga cast in bronze at Freize in London

The Frieze Art Fair in London might as well have a catwalk right down the middle as it truly is a fashion thrill seeker’s paradise! Each year there are more it bags per square foot than there are pieces of art! Women turn up for the show looking so immaculate you wonder if there’s a photoshoot happening at the other end of the  tent that you’ve not been invited to attend. So it isn’t entirely surprising that this morning one of our lovely followers, Metro City Girl, tweeted us a picture of a piece which shows an artist embracing the fair’s surroundings! A Balenciaga bag has been cast in bronze to remain perfect for all time! I’m sure this piece has a red sticker on it within minutes. It’s a fashionista’s dream piece! Should anyone know the name of the artist, please leave a comment below so that they may be properly recognized for such fashionable creativity!


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