America’s Next Top Model Fragrance … yes, this is really happening

It’s official! The world has gone fragrance mad! How do we know? Well it comes with the news that America’s Next Top model is launching a new scent. That’s right…now television shows are launching fragrances! So here’s what I’m thinking…picture a goose shaped bottle, flecks of gold floating in the bottle and eau du foie gras written on the side? Think it will sell? I think it has as much chance as any of these other oddballs these days!

What’s particularly interesting about America’s Next Top Model launching a scent is that the winner of the series will actually star in the campaign for the fragrance. So they’ve more or less created a product to showcase a model. Interesting concept.

America’s Next Top Model’s “Dream Come True” will launch in Target stores in January 2012.
{image via WWD}


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