Tiffany Amber shows at London Fashion Week

Most people in the industry receive a list of designer shows that are officially recognised by the British Fashion Council at the beginning of every season. The runways are generally set up in a few locations around London and we all travel back and forth for a few days running around like headless chickens trying to make everything on time. What many people don’t know is that there are dozens of additional shows taking place around London that are on no one’s official schedule. These range from designers with millions of pounds to spend on their presentations to designers with a small three figure sum to put something together. I once attended a show that was put on in someone’s living room! You really do see it all! But then again that’s the power of fashion and the lengths talented individuals will go to for recognition or the chance to get a foot in the door. 

This year I received dozens of invitations from designers I’d never heard of before. As my schedule was more random than ever, it was difficult to agree to support so many. However, one invite that I received from a dear friend was an opportunity I could not refuse. My friend, Arieta Mujay, was styling the show for Tiffany Amber, a Nigerian designer, who showcased her collection at the Charing Cross Hotel in London. This was not your average indie designer show. This was a fully organized production with champagne at the start, goodies bags on the seats and front row photographers snapping away as we took our seats. Tiffany Amber showcased some bold pieces that were accented by chunky necklaces, colourful cinching belts and boxed bags. Having the right stylist for a collection can make or break the designer’s hard work. Arieta’s efforts in styling the show made me proud to call her a dear friend. So this is as much a post about introducing a new designer as it is introducing you to a fabulous stylist! 


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