Shopping at River Island could be fatal… to your credit card!

I am ridiculously in love with Britain’s High Street this season! This is good news for my closet and terrible news for my wallet. Ok, wait a minute there. It’s actually not all that bad for my wallet as everything on the high street is priced perfectly to fit my budget. It’s just that in my head when I walk into some place like River Island, I justify a massive spend with ridiculous thinking. Here’s an example: I see a jacket that looks like it could come straight from Helmut Lang, only I’m getting it for one tenth the price. So I think I have all this money left over which means it’s ok to send it on everything else! I know, I’m insane! 

On a very serious note… I’d highly recommend stopping into River Island this week to check out the new items that have hit the stores (and online). Just be careful! This could mean the death of your credit! 


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