Pizza Hut suggests hot people are stupid

There I was just sitting in the flat writing up London Fashion Week with random Sunday television filling the noise void in the background! All of the sudden I hear this Pizza Hut commercial in the background talking about hiring and firing hot people to deliver their pizzas. I’ve included the Youtube clip above. 

Oh, Pizza Hut! What sort of statement are you making here?! Why on earth would you decide to suggest that people that are hot are also unintelligent? I find this particularly interesting as today as I was talking to one of the leading models for LFW who was studying for her MCATS… that’s right…she’ll one day be a hot doctor! Last time I checked there weren’t any medical schools accepting hot people without any brains.

Me thinks the ad genius behind this campaign has some beef with the beautiful people. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, sweetie, and stop judging those who are blessed with great genes. It’s a waste of time and energy. 

Pizza Hut, find a new ad agency with some class.


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