Pinkberry for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out 2011 in London

Pinkberry… it’s my weakness. I don’t just mean that in the sense that I can’t say no when offered the delectable dessert. I mean I literally go weak in the knees at the thought of my first bite into a Pinkberry fro-yo. Back before Pinkberry came to London, I used to have to get my fix by visiting my boyfriend in Los Angeles. My first request after getting off of a 13 hour flight was always to visit the nearest Pinkberry. So when Pinkberry took up residence in Selfridges just a short while ago, I once again became a big shopper at the yellow bag haven. I had to have my fix and it’s making a real dent in my social life. “Sorry {insert Brand X}, I can’t make the event tonight as I have a very important meeting I just can’t miss.” Translation: Pinkberry is calling.  

Why mention this now? Well I just received a press release from the fairy godmothers of fro-yo informing me that Pinkberry are taking part in Fashion’s Night Out this year in London! Not only that but in doing so they are launching a flavour of frozen yoghurt, salted caramel, that has my taste buds threatening to jump out and march down to Selfridges with or without me! Hello, happy heaven! 

If you can’t find me on Bond Street or in Covent Garden, I’d say come find me in Selfridges where I’ll be trying to convince the manager that I need to be their resident ice cream style consultant!


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