Neal’s Yard keeps our goose feathers soft and shiny…

A little birdie must have told Neal’s Yard that I wasn’t taking good care of myself as the first day of fashion week I received a lovely package full of Neal’s Yard goodies. These aren’t the goodies one usually receives for beauty as this package was full of bits and bobs to take care of your skin from the inside out. 

Anyone that’s been keeping up with beauty news lately knows that it’s as much about how you treat your body with food and supplements as it is the creams and gadgets you use on your skin. So I’m being good and following the program they sent by taking daily vitamins and digesting special oils and tea! There’s something really satsfying about incorporating such goodness into your life! 

I must admit I’m secretly hoping it will work miracles and erase the dark trunks under my eyes while also giving me an instant facelift. Let’s just say blogging has aged me tremendously over the past two years!


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