Mulberry Spring Summer 2012

If you were to ask a crowd of fashion editors, bloggers or photographers which show they look forward to the most for London Fashion Week I guarantee you’ll find that Mulberry is mentioned nine times out of ten. This is an event which actually starts on the street before you even get anywhere near a catwalk. For Spring 2012 Mulberry had ice cream trucks, men with lemonade and life size ice cream cones at the entrance to the show. Claridges has never seemed more alive! That would also explain the queues on either side of the door that ran down the block and back! Getting into this show these days is next to impossible. However, should you make it inside you’ll discover a magical world that Mulberry has created to keep you entertained from moment one. By the time the catwalk actually does start you are so in love with the brand that they could send garbage bags down the runway and you’d still be happy to write about them. However, that certainly is never ever the case! Mulberry always deliver and this year their show brought cheers for the brand like never before.

The colour scheme was true to what we are seeing on most catwalks but there was that special relaxed Mulberry touch. I find, on every catwalk they present, Mulberry manage to put together a series of looks that is so effortlessly chic it’s impossible to pin down how they actually do it! Basically it boils down to pure design genius. This year it was a sort of “gym chic” as everything seemed to feature a drawstring. How much I love this can actually never be described in words. It’s a genius on another level! I wish I had been around backstage to give Emma Hill a high five post-runway. She has taken a cherished British brand and made it a worldwide phenomenon! This season will propel Mulberry’s success even further…


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