Matalan’s designer “inspiration”

Matalan‘s autumn offerings look like they’re straight off the catwalks themselves this season and in many cases it’s hard to tell there is much of a difference between the two at all. In some cases I do think Matalan goes a wee bit too far. For example, their copying the Burberry jacket almost exactly or the Christopher Kane pattern, which is a bit of a trademark for his AW11 collection, just hit way too close to home. 

However, I do believe that a person buying direct from Burberry or Christopher Kane wouldn’t exactly say, “well if I can get it so much cheaper I’ll just go buy Matalan.”  After all, quality is of course the main reason the real thing costs 50 to 100 times more than the Matalan version! So at least the big guns aren’t at risk of losing any customers because Matalan has mass produced their designs. That’s why, I suppose, the big brands don’t bother with lawsuits.

What are your thoughts? Will you be buying the Matalan versions of the designer looks or do you think Matalan has gone too far?

{images courtesy of Matalan}


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