Lady Gaga vs. Cathy Horyn: The Response

Fashion websites from here to Timbuktu are talking about Lady Gaga’s latest column for V Magazine in which she attacks New York Times’ fashion critic Cathy Horyn and actually fashion critics in general. For those you of that are unfamiliar with Cathy Horyn, let’s just say she is one of the most respected critics in the business. So when she comes under fire you can imagine how many feathers are instantly ruffled. Thus far there have been some beautiful pieces written in defense of Horyn. There have also been amazing pieces written on how being mentioned at all by Lady Gaga is massive for anyone.  So many interesting sides to this story. 

Let’s start with the facts.

First of all, click this link to read Gaga’s Memorandum for V Magazine, titled Extreme Critic Fundamentalism.

Now, let’s take a step out here and see why Lady Gaga could be motivated to attack Cathy Horyn specifically. 

Could Ms. Horyn have said something to upset the singer? 

Lady Gaga is a walking advertisement for fashion at its strangest. Each outfit she appears in is begging for commentary. Otherwise why would you wear half of the things that she does? 

Cathy Horyn is a fashion critic. She is paid to comment and we, as readers, continue to fork out cash to read her thoughts in the New York Times. In  The Cut ‘s article on this controversy they point out one of Cathy Horyn’s criticisms that could have offended the Little Monsters leader. Upon reading this we decided to take a look at Horyn’s back catalogue! We skimmed over a dozen articles and couldn’t find another comment that was less than stellar when it came to Lady Gaga. 

So to sum up our thoughts…

Lady Gaga went too far with this one. 

Horyn has been writing and making a living from fashion for as long as Gaga has been breathing. She is a knowledgeable elder who commands respect from 99% of the industry and has helped, in many ways, to make the world of fashion what it is today. The V Magazine column simply makes Lady Gaga look like a petulant school child upset at her teacher for receiving a bad grade.

And here are some of other opinions on the topic that we feel are definitely worth a read:

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