Fashion Foie Gras in Glamour Magazine

So here’s the latest clipping and it’s from Glamour UK October 2011! However, this is more than just a clipping! I’m pleased to report that Fashion Foie Gras is now part of Glamour Magazine’s Style Tribe… an online portal where ten of us will be bringing you the latest and greatest on a daily basis. There’s more to come but I just wanted to congratulate my friends that have also been recognized and who I’ll share a “seat” with on the tribe (Don’t worry… there won’t be weekly fashion sacrifices or anything like that. The name does have a sort of “survivor” feel to it doesn’t it?).

Look out for Mademoiselle Robot, The Very Simon G, Park & Cube and DisneyRollergirl… I’m so thrilled to be in such amazing company for this project!

Now…on to the nitty gritty! FFG is now writing for Glamour and the site has just gone live…

And here’s my page…

Where you can read all my articles like these three…


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