An evening with Brora

A few weeks ago I was invited to meet Victoria Stapleton, founder and Creative Director of Brora, in the Brora store just off Sloane Square. I was there with a handful of other online media journalists who were eager to listen to Victoria’s story. And what a story it was! 

Victoria is one of those amazing women that seems to have endless energy. As we listened to her story of starting Brora, which began as a company of one in a small studio in Fulham and now employs over 200 people, I felt inspired. This is a successful business run by a woman who has her head around absolutely everything from finances to design. That’s not easy to do these days, folks. We often find people that have either an eye for design or a mind for finance but it is rare indeed to discover both. That might be the reason why Brora is such a rip roaring success. I, for one, think their success is not only down to their fearless leader but also the quality of the cashmere they produce. I’m currently saving for one of their cashmere blankets which I feel will change my entire existence!   

Not only do I get to rave here about great product but also about it all being made locally! Victoria is a big fan of keeping it all in Britain and it’s a big reason why a. the cashmere is so amazing because craftsmanship is of superior quality and b. we all feel good about investing in a piece because we know we’re helping our local economy.

A big thank you to Victoria Stapleton and the entire Brora team for inviting us into the store for an evening. I left full of energy and ready to take on the world…and also with dreams of Brora cashmere days!

Here’s a quick look around the store and what’s in stock this season…


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