The Divorcee Sale… there are no words…well, maybe a few…

In keeping with “calling it like I see it” I must admit that when I first received this invitation to The Divorcee Sale I scoffed and thought it was a ridiculous stunt. Then I continued reading and started thinking about my own past relationships. What a wonderful cleansing experience it would be to get one last thing out of a man that left you an emotional wreck…cash! If we’re being honest I imagine most women manage to get the cash through a little something we call a law firm! However, getting rid of all the gifts he’s given you and seeing them find new suitable homes can be quite cathartic and I’ve come round to the idea! If someone needs to find a home for that new Lanvin dress, why shouldn’t I help them do that? 

The woman behind the brilliant idea,  Jill Alexander, is actually a veteran of the fashion industry and perhaps a veteran of divorce as well (no word on that in the press release). She’s made sure to spread the good word about this event while also doing some good for the world as profits from the sale will go to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I’m now seriously wishing I was in NYC for this sale over the weekend! Why did she have to schedule it during fashion weeks?!


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