Christian Louboutin: The Book!!

Men, Christian Louboutin is helping you out big time this year! He’s basically just solved all of our Christmas buying dilemmas for 2011 with his new book, Christian Louboutin from Rizzoli. The book is the ultimate gift for any woman that loves her shoes. And let’s be honest here…do you know any woman that doesn’t love shoes? So it’s a surefire way to win points with the ladies by gifting this gorgeous piece.

You can’t get the size, colour or style wrong as the Christian Louboutin book is one size fits all! It’s available to pre-order now for $150. It’s official release is October 25th, 2011 so I hope you have a good hiding place for all your Christmas gifts. In my experience, women can smell, spot and sense Christian Louboutin from a block away so you might want to store this gift in your parents’ house until jingle bells are ringing!


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