The best Sunday Brunch in London…

Sunday, if not treated in the correct manner, can be the most depressing day for some people. It signals the end of fun and the start of the work week. This is why Americans, especially New Yorkers, are obsessed with brunch. Brunch is designed to ease us into the week. It’s a period of about two to five hours, depending on your set of friends, that is all about great food, fabulous company and copious amounts of alcohol (for some of us, not all of us). 

London has taken some time to come around to the idea of brunch. This country, I believe, is more about fabulous Sunday roasts in cozy gastropubs. Traditions are tough to break around here, very tough. This is why brunch is an idea that has taken a while to develop with the population. However, with all the different nationalities immigrating to this massive melting pot of a city, traditions change and new cultures influence die hard habits. Today brunch is a tradition that is taking hold in London and last week I discovered what will now be my Sunday “go to” with the girls, Aqua Nueva. I already have pictures in my mind of future three hour brunches that resemble moments from Sex and the City. I know, I’m obsessed!

Aqua Nueva is located on Argyll Street in London, practically on top of Oxford Street –  a wonderful location for post brunch shopping! I’m going to come right out here and say what I loved most about this brunch – the limitless champagne! Louis Roederer is continuously served from the moment you sit down until the second you stand up to walk away. My glass never reached half full. The attention to the level of our glasses was impeccable. Then there is the food. Aqua Nueva is known for its fabulous tapas and the brunch continues on with the same theme only you choose your own tidbits. The spread of food was impressive with more options than one person could ever need! My brunch buddy and I were able to nibble as often or as little as we wanted. Let’s just say we approached the buffet more than once.  Our waiter also noticed that we had a fondness for a few hot dishes and took the liberty of sending over some freshly baked pieces for us to wash down with our champagne.  Oh! I mustn’t forget to mention that there is also a live band that plays throughout the brunch! So do you see, dear reader, why I would recommend such a wonderful brunch to you? 

At this point you are probably thinking such a brunch comes with at least a three figure price tag! I thought as much as well and was prepared for the worst when I was first introduced to the concept of this brunch. I’m not used to recommending such decadence when it comes to food as I know most of you would rather spend the money on a new Alexander Wang bag or a Donna Karan cashmere snood! Well, you can certainly do both as this brunch is only £65 per person!

Get in there and make your reservations, people! This isn’t a secret any longer and there are only so many bookings they can take for each brunch.

Aqua Nueva’s Brunch

Sundays, 12pm-3pm

5th Floor, 240 Regent Street (entrance at 30 Argyll Street), Oxford Circus, London, W1B 3BR

Reservations: 020 7478 0540


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