We’re switching things up in the technology department…

We’ve got some big news for FFG readers. For those of you that have regularly enjoyed our Friday Blackberry Tales, a weekly recap of what we’ve seen and done in the past seven days, I have some great news for you! We’ve been looking at upgrading to a more reliable technology that will allow us to stay connected and operate faster than before no matter where on earth we may find ourselves from one day to the next! In doing so, the people at Motorola agreed to let us trial their Motorola XOOM for the next three months and sponsor us on our quest to bring you the best pictorial recap every Friday afternoon! 

Just a quick overview of why we’re so excited to be working with this new technology:

1. It runs on an Android system and the setup is as easy as one step – syncing your google account the moment you turn on the tablet. Name me one system that is as easy as that! Hello, simplicity!

2. The tablet has 10 hours of battery life (and that’s if you’re streaming media the whole time… did I mention we’ll be using this a lot on planes for entertainment… perfect for the regular London-New York plane flight!).

3. There is a USB connection to the tablet! Thank God for this! Syncing from PC or Mac to tablet just got a lot easier!  There’s even a card slot which allows you to insert your camera card into the tablet…and alter images using picture applications!

4. The screen is second to none in the tablet arena, including the iPad2.  It’s 10.2 inches wide and you really can tell a difference when watching HD movies.

5. Speaking of movies…this tablet has an HD video camera installed. There’s also a 5mp still camera. So I think you can start to expect some video as well as pictures in forthcoming segments!

I could go on and on but truly the “proof is in the pudding.” So let’s see what you think for our first “Motorola XOOM Tales” launching this Friday, 2nd September 2011!


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