TLC’s Big Sexy: A look at the plus sized world of fashion

We’ve talked about it before. It’s the latest reality show for fashion and it’s one that has never been covered on national TV- the plus size arena. It’s  TLC’s Big Sexy!  I mean you have to sit up and pay attention to a show that starts with one of the stars saying “”Once you go big, you never go twig”.

What I expected from “Big Sexy” was not what I got when watching the promos for this show. This is not your America’s Next Top Model on Krispy Kreme. This is a show that displays the reality of prejudices against larger women and some pretty strong personalities that battle against what would normally be very embarrassing moments. They address the hurt, they talk about it and they have this wonderful little network that stands tall above it all. One of the most difficult clips to watch was when they were all waiting in line at a NYC nightclub and being denied entrance as smaller women were let in left, right and centre.

But just as I’m giving the show credit for being this wonderful way to speak out against prejudice, they go and show a clip about a thunder thigh competition. Sorry, ladies and producers of this show, but this is where you will lose the sympathetic side of your audience!

I can’t comment on the show as a whole. But I can say that showing the world through the eyes of someone that works the “bod” they were given is a new experience for America. I think they’ll embrace it as a great show. It will pull great numbers but it won’t do much to change the way in which the world thinks about people who carry extra weight. Sadly, I think TLC had a chance to do this and may have missed the opportunity in order to pull in more viewers.

Watch all the clips mentioned on TLC!


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