Target and Hermes working together?

Imagine my surprise as I came across not one but two iconic Hermes leather bracelets today in the most unexpected place – my local Target! Now I’m usually pretty up to date on who Target is collaborating with.  When it was announced they were working with Mulberry, FFG was one of the first to write about it. We’re still super excited about their Missoni collaboration coming out next month. However, I’ve yet to receive any news that Hermes has decided to jump on the bandwagon. Oh dear reader, I wish I could tell you that they had. But I’m afraid this is simply a copycat case. There were no Hermes markings but this is, clear as day, an Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet reinterpreted with cheap leather and faux embellishments. Now, as an Hermes Collier de Chien will normally set you back over $1,000, this Target version is a drop in the bucket at $16.99. Will they fly off the jewelry shelves? I have no doubt! Will you be able to spot the difference on the fashionistas at fashion week? Probably only if you get up close and take a good look (however, the two button closure on the back will give you away so keep wrists turned if you’re hoping to get away with this purchase). So I guess the real question is…would you buy it or pass it in the store? What do you think I did? …And I do wonder what Hermes is thinking right now…


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