Summer Reading: The Prada Life

I’m headed to the beach tomorrow to sit in the sun and read, read, read for a few days! *sorry in advance for the lack of posting as a result*

I thought I’d share one book I’m really looking forward to cracking open called “The Prada Life” by Gian Luigi Paracchini. If you’re interested in fashion and enjoy reading biographies this is one book you’ll want to sink some time and money into. Seems just perfect for a quick beach read (and yes, I do mix in chic lit here and there as well).

Here’s the full description of the book as shared on

A unique look at the life Miuccia Prada—one of the world’s most revered, and reserved, fashion designers—this biography details the meteoric rise of the brand that forever changed the face of the fashion industry. This biography shows a sophisticated Milanese woman with a history as an active feminist and details her involvement in the Prada brand—a company no longer considered simply a fashion industry leader, but the symbol of a conceptual style that has brought aesthetic standards under scrutiny, and created new trends that have become a lifestyle. From her early activist days and young romances to a new era of fashion, this life story of Miuccia Prada encapsulates a complex chapter of Italian history and paints a portrait of an integral character in the world of fashion history.


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