Rob Kardashian finally becomes a male model

Not sure if you’ve been “Keeping up with the Kardashians” but for those of you that have watched the show from the start you’ll remember an episode where Kim Kardashian encourages her brother Rob to become a male model. After Rob meets with an agency he announces to his mother and step-father that he’s headed to Asia to pursue this new dream of becoming a successful model.  Well, Kris Jenner wasn’t having any of that! She wanted her little boy to stay in school, get a degree and make something of himself. 

How about you don’t get me started on why Rob’s sisters would be allowed to move forward in careers as celebrities and “models” but Rob is expected to educate and make something of himself. Double standard much? Obviously a lot has happened since that episode but you see where we’re coming from.

Well, we aren’t ones to fuss. In fact, the whole reason for mentioning any of this is simply by way of saying congratulations to Rob Kardashian! He has finally become what he wanted to be – a male model! OP for Walmart have just posted pictures of their new campaign which features cast members for Glee, Hellcats and then Rob Kardashian.

And there’s a bit of a feel good end here. Kris Jenner’s photo was just posted on OP’s Facebook Page as she visited her son on set! Looks like Kris came around in the end. Don’t we all just love a happy ending?! The campaign itself is pretty cute for teenagers so all in all everyone comes out a winner!


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