Post #5000…

On September 1st, Fashion Foie Gras will celebrate its second birthday. However, today we are reaching another milestone we feel is just as significant. In just under two years 5000 posts have been written on FFG. This is the 5000th! So as I sit here and write I thought I’d share a special guest blogger who has helped here and there in keeping us all sane… Bodey dog…seen above contributing to a very serious piece of news we were writing on “The Situation”! Bodey prefers Snooki!

On a more serious note… Thank you to all the bloggers, PRs, advertisers, brand managers, postmen, postwomen, IT guys etc, etc, that have helped us get here today! I’m raising a 4am glass of orange juice to the next 5000 pieces to come! But most of all, thanks to all the readers who keep coming back and letting us know that our work here is appreciated! 



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