Packing for fashion weeks… the beauty kit!

Another fashion week, another round of preparation for a lot of mini trips here and there. Although to be honest, the travel doesn’t start and stop with Fashion Week each season. This world of fashion requires constant flexibility with travel and it helps to always be prepared when a call comes in saying “pack your bags, we need you in Fiji.” Alright that exact call hasn’t come in yet but you never know, right?

To be honest, I have neglected my skin horribly for over 30 years. And trust me, ladies, when you get past 30 you start to wish you had listened to your mother about lotion and sunscreen! I never moisturized, I fried in the sun every summer of my life with no sunscreen and today I continue the cycle of killing my skin by getting an average of four hours sleep a night! So today I’m playing the game of trying to rewind time while also preventing further damage. I have a whole bag full of tricks and only recently have I managed to put together what I consider to be the perfect combination of skincare. I do believe a lot of time and money is spent on finding the right combination for your skin and it’s cross we all must bear! 

Before I take you through each and every item I thought I’d throw out a list of what were (and still working on some) problem areas for my skin.  Should this also be a problem you have then perhaps these tools will help you:

1. Rosacea – which is only made worse by drinking (champagne kills me but I continue to indulge like a moron) and extreme stress.

2. Combination skin – extremely dry and extremely oily… I’ll never know how that’s possible! So cruel!

3. Occasional adult acne… which always seemed to appear during fashion week! Seems stress really does bring it on.

4. Large pores.

5. Dark undereye circles from lack of sleep.

6. Extremely dry lips.

7. Lack lustre skin and the first appearance of wrinkles.

I think that covers it and reading back it makes me sound like a complete mess, doesn’t it? Well, I was! The great news is that after purchasing the products below I’ve found a combination that tackles it all. It costs me a small fortune to maintain (one product costs $150 a month) but some items are a one off payment that will last forever and will pay off more than others! Then again I also have some products listed that are as little as .99.

So without further ado… I present the remedy recipe…in the order in which I use them.

Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil 200mL £34.00

This is Aesop’s newest cleanser and it’s one of my favourite new products. The first bottle was sent to me on a trial basis and the second one I will be purchasing myself. When you put this Parsley Seed cleanser on your face you actually feel it tingling. For me, that’s like knowing something is working. You are supposed to leave it on for a few minutes to allow it to clean the skin past just the surface. Then wash it all off and your face feels so clean it’s hardly believable. I use this every morning as I feel it helps to wake me up! 

Clarisonic Classic Sonic Skin Cleasing System £155.00

At night I use a different cleansing method as I have a bit more time to concentrate on my beauty regime. I spend just over two minutes sweeping the Clarisonic skin cleansing brush from chin to forehead making sure not to miss even one square inch. I’ve been using this for over four months now and the results are stunning. My skin does feel softer, pores are less visible and lotion is absorbed much faster by my skin after using this brush. I highly recommend every woman buy one of these! You can even buy two heads for the brush, one for your face and one for your body. It’s a bit expensive but worth every penny.

Clarisonic Opal with Anti Aging Sea Serum $245

Another must own for everyone! This is the most expensive product on today’s list but it will last you forever and a day! One of the first places we age is in the skin around our eyes. For those of us that have had a particularly happy life, smile lines can really be a problem. The Opal is meant to stop aging and reverse any damage we’ve already done. This was recommended by my dermatologist and he said if I’m good and use it twice a day my eyes will never age! Well, we’ll see about that. A few months in I can’t stop recommending it to everyone I meet. It is absolutely transforming. Even Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it!

Cold Plasma from Perricone MD £120.00

Where oh where do I start? This product has revolutionized my skin completely. I watched a video of testimonials that a friend recommended and even after seeing how incredible everyone’s skin looked I still wasn’t sold on the idea of spending $150.00 on this product. For me it was just another step that I didn’t need. Then I saw an old friend who I would often bitch and moan with concerning our common problem with Rosacea. Her face looked incredible. She didn’t have any redness, she looked ten years younger and she had this amazing glow. I asked if she’d had some work done (lasers are now being used to work with people who suffer from Rosacea). She assured me she had not, laughed and said it was all down to one product change in her routine. She’d incorporated Perricone’s Cold Plasma. I was sold and I laid out the $150 easily the next day while in the USA at Sephora.  Three weeks in and I am a changed woman. I have the skin I’ve always wanted. I know it’s in combination with a lot of other products listed here but it was this final ingredient that made it all fit together and work! 

I will buy this each and every month without fail. As far as I’m concerned it’s a better investment than a new dress or handbag!

Vaseline Lip Therapy £1.99

Don’t really need to say much about this. Got dry lips?  This is your cheap and effective solution to the problem!

Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream £22.00

I was given No 7 Protect and Perfect by the people at Boots last year. You can read my full review here. I’ve been using it ever since. I buy a bottle every other month and I haven’t looked back. Not only does it make your skin feel amazing, it also smells divine!

Geranium Leaf Body Scrub Tube 170mL £21.00

Another Aesop product. Can you tell I love this stuff? Their Geranium Leaf Body Scrub is a miracle cure for the bod! Do you ever get those horrible red bumps on the back of your arms? Yeah, this will take care of that completely. Say goodbye to any embarrassing body skin problems! It’s recommended that you use it to exfoliate from head to toe once a week. I’m using mine twice a week and the results have been outstanding. It’s kept me bikini ready and you have to love those results 😉

Gielly Green Body moisturizer £18.00

I’m not going to lie, here. It wasn’t results that led me to list this moisturizer, although it does help in moisturizing. As far as I’m concerned, one moisturizer is pretty much the same as the next. What we all really crave is an amazing smell. And I’ve never had the pleasure of smelling anything more delightful when it comes to a lotion! Gielly Green do it best! It was also my ex-boyfriend’s favourite smell (we probably broke up because I hoarded it and wouldn’t let him have even one little bit).

Jergens Self tanning lotions $6.00-$7.55

…love, love, love! At such a tiny price you wouldn’t expect much. However, Jergens packs a big ole punch. It’s the only self tanner I use and since September is still pretty hot I’ll need to make sure I’m drawing out the summer tan. I don’t want to be sitting with pale legs on display on the runway!  No streaks here and always looks completely natural. There’s even one for your face versus body! Bliss!


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