Levi’s ads feature riot scenes

Adfreak brought this video to light yesterday commenting,  It’s odd that Levi’s isn’t at least delaying the release of its new European ad campaign—which features somewhat menacing imagery of young people gathering, marching and confronting riot police, along with shots of stuff on fire.

Adfreak, amen! Couldn’t agree more. This is just in bad taste at the moment when it comes to the current world situation. I do hope I’ll wake up tomorrow and find that they’ve pulled the video from Youtube and all other platforms. 

However, just on a side note… we’re in the mess we’re in right now because of the many ignorant youths in the UK. So why on earth would a commercial like this, which will only serve to wind people up, be a good idea at all? Riots or not I do not feel that this commercial is in any way, shape or form a good idea. This is certainly not the Levi’s that I know and love.  

Get it together, guys, and spend the money to create a new campaign that encourages youths to challenge the world in other ways besides throwing their hands up in the face of policemen attempting to keep the peace.


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