Keri Hilson’s Diesel Jogg Jeans… love or leave?

Confession time. I think the return of the parachute pant in fashion is one of the worst fashion comebacks in history. I know the style world now swears by them but for me I’ll always associate them with MC Hammer and he isn’t exactly in my book of style icons. Which leads me to a new jean I’ve just been shown. Diesel have just released a brand new denim product called the Jogg Jean. It pretty much is what it says on the tin – a jean that is the result of a denim and sweat pant love affair. 

When I received the press release on these new jeans I immediately thought I wouldn’t have a kind word to say about them. However, after seeing a few individuals in the jean, including Keri Hilson pictured above, I’ve come around to the idea. In fact, and brace yourselves here, I might just go and grab myself a pair. They have a particular “street” style to them but I believe they could be easily dressed up with a fitted blazer or a nice big heel! 


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