Katie Price The Magazine

Katie Price, aka Jordan, is launching her own monthly magazine all about her.

There are few people in this world that can get away with starting their own magazine. Maybe we should be clearer. There is ONE person on earth that can get away with publishing a magazine named after themselves and that would be Oprah. And the only reason it works for Oprah is because the magazine has nothing to do with her and everything to do with helping other people through experts that have helped her! Her magazine provides a service and many think of it as a monthly self help publication. 

When the Daily Mail ran the story this morning that Katie Price was following in the footsteps of Oprah and starting her own magazine, well let’s just say it was a good thing I wasn’t eating. If that had been the case I would be writing this from the ER after having nearly choked to death! 

I’m not saying this magazine won’t sell. For years we’ve wondered what the fascination was with Ms. Price. However, she’s amassed millions of pounds due to her loyal fan base. We just thought it best to warn you for your own safety should you run into this in your local supermarket so you won’t be caught off guard! Always looking out for your health and safety here at FFG!

PS. If you are buying this magazine please oh please tell us why you would be doing so? 


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