In defense of Diet Coke… a love letter from a fashion world fan!

At least three meals a week I find myself sitting across for an enviable size zero beauty who works in fashion. They’re out there everywhere from front office to head of PR. It is, after all, the world of beauty that we all work in. I’ve become used to the “small ones”, as I call them. I sit across trying not to think of my own lumpy thighs and middle age spread that seems to have appeared a few years earlier than planned, all of which I’ve recently come to accept as just “who I am”. Trust me, this wasn’t always the case but that’s another story entirely.

The reason I mention my lunches with the “small ones” has everything to do with a recent shocking revelation: Diet Coke will make you fat. Most headlines that reported this story didn’t say “diet drinks will make you fat.” They came in, all guns blazing, and decided to take down the biggest diet drink of all!

Well folks, if any of you have ever had lunch with the fashion set, heard an interview with Karl Lagerfeld or watched any skin and bones celebrity waltz down the street with a can in their hand, you’ll know these people swear by that silver tin of goodness. Hell, Karl Lagerfeld actually credits his ginormous weight loss to Diet Coke and recently designed three bottles for the sweet stuff to show his support and gratitude. I don’t think I’ve managed a lunch yet where someone doesn’t order a Diet Coke! On twitter we’re all constantly talking about our Diet Coke breaks during work hours, at parties we’re always looking for the silver shine and even at home Diet Coke is a must have in the fridge! So how on earth is it that the skinniest creatures on earth swear by Diet Coke and yet it’s claimed to be a huge cause of the obesity epidemic hitting the world currently?

I have another suggestion for scientists testing the theory on whether or not Diet Coke will make you fat. Check what else these people are stuffing in after sipping Diet Coke. I think you’ll find a great many people on earth swear by the motto “give and take”. In this case it would mean giving up the calories you would have in a normal “fat coke” and saving them to use on something else. Only problem there, folks, is that most people on this earth are so ill informed when it comes to calorie consumption that those extra calories saved and then consumed end up equaling a few Big Macs (not to bring another American brand name into the boxing ring but you see where I’m headed with this).

I just couldn’t sit back and let Diet Coke get slapped when I know so many people that measure their days in the number of Diet Cokes they drink.  These same people also put us all to shame when we’re diving off the back of boats in Ibiza! There isn’t a jiggle in sight, darlings!

So what’s the moral of the story here? A diet coke break does not a body builder make. Conversely, a builders bum is not the result of an hourly diet coke run! The answer is of course, everything in moderation. However, if you’re in the publishing business and thinking of writing about the negative effects of diet coke I’d recommend speaking to people outside of the white lab coat posse. In the meantime we’ll all continue to tweet, blog and tumblr about our love for a substance that tickles our tastebuds and has only one tiny calorie.


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