Gone Globetrotting…

I’m in the air flying back to the USA for a few weeks. So I’m out of communication and unable to fill you in on the latest and greatest in the early hours tomorrow. However, fashion news doesn’t stop just because I’m in transit! Upon touchdown I’ll have five hours of layover time in Charlotte to bring you up to speed on what happened while flying high above in the wee small hours of the morning (those who will also be in the CLT airport feel free to drop me a tweet and we’ll organize a margarita)! So keep an eye out for afternoon updates! 

If you’re London based enjoy the amazing weather and rock the summer dresses while you still can. I’ll be back but in the meantime I’ll be reporting on some awesome stuff happening in the USA!

See you on the other side where my wings will no doubt be all worn out! No rest for the wicked!




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