A girl with an iPad head?! Wtf?

So you’re probably wondering why the hell there’s a girl walking through NYC with an iPad for a head. In fact i watched this video and was wondering if her head was going to explode or something and that would be the trick. In fact, the video ends with a very hot male model sitting down and unlocking the secrets of the female mind by scrolling through a new magazine for men – Cosmo for guys. It’s one of the stranger approaches I’ve seen but my goodnesss does it ever make sense as a great idea for an ad campaign. Granted it could be a bit shorter to drive home the point. Add that to the fact that I’m not sure all the articles are really going to unlock any secrets for women about men that haven’t already been talked about forever. But best of luck to CFG and it’s iPad launch. You obviously have a very creative team behind the whole thing!


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