Has GAP lost its way?

Has GAP lost it’s way? 

That seems to be the question on every one’s minds these days. An American retailer that used to be the “go-to” shop for basics like jeans and perfect tees has somehow been lost in the shuffle as of late. Perhaps it was their drive to be trendy and new that lead them down a crooked path. 

The parting of ways with former Chief Designer Patrick Robinson has us all scratching our heads and wondering if they themselves know what they really want their company to be. When Patrick was brought in at GAP the world wrote about the man that would save this dying American brand. However, not even a highly acclaimed designer could resurrect this brand and in the end his contract was terminated.  

So what’s next for GAP? Well, at the moment they are pushing a new online campaign and running with the idea of  featuring real people wearing GAP 1969 in real situations. The ads are good but they aren’t transforming. I think the bottom line here is that GAP needs a complete overhaul, from top to bottom. A new campaign won’t make a new company. Every single item of clothing sold in stores needs to be re-evaluated. Every single image or press release sent out needs to be about telling us why we need to come back to GAP. 

Recognize that there’s a problem and let’s solve it! We want to shop the GAP. It’s a store most of us have grown up with and don’t want to turn our backs on. But we’ve reached a breaking point. We need help to fall in love again and sadly these new campaign images aren’t going to end with stampedes at the door of your local GAP.

GAP… give us a reason to believe in you again!

Autumn Winter Campaign Images from GAP’s Facebook Page


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