From the FFG archive… a walk down memory lane

I’m cleaning out the flat at the moment, making room for new purchases and also packing for a trip back to the USA for a few weeks to catch up with family and friends. As I was going through a box of photos this one photo fell out on the floor and I swear I had a laugh that left me with tears streaming down my face when I picked it up. It seems like only yesterday that this photo was taken but in reality it was nearly 18 years ago! 

Every summer growing up I was lucky enough to have an escape from reality. My grandparents owned an estate in New Hampshire that was once a girls’ summer camp and was later transformed into a playland for me, my brothers and my cousins. The cabins that used to be filled with giggling  girls who had been shipped up from NYC for the summer became spaces where we were allowed to use our imaginations to the fullest. We ran amok like wild animals but it allowed us the great privilege of having a real and amazing childhood that I know is so rare these days. 

One thing I remember fondly, which brings me back to the picture above, was an amazing trunk full of  my grandmother’s old hats, gowns, cocktail dresses and various accessories such as lace gloves and jeweled clutches. I used to put together outfits with the contents and insist that all my relatives sit around and watch me put on fashion shows. My brother even participated! Although I should probably leave out the part where I convinced him to wear a dress (sorry, bro… good thing there are three of you so no one will ever know which one in particular I am referring to). I think this was also the only time in my life when I could actually fit into a sample size which could be why it was a lot more fun playing model then than it is now! 

The reason I mention this at all is because as I clean out my wardrobe and decide on items to throw away, donate or keep, I’m also thinking about forming another pile for the next generation. I’m thinking of starting a trunk just as my grandmother did for me. Only time will tell if a daughter is in my future but I do know of two gorgeous nieces who would benefit from some amazingly fun and princess-like pieces currently hanging in my closet! So this a post for the next generation and giving them the same room to imagine fashion in any way, shape or form that they please!

(PS. the funky hair style is a result of me thinking I could cut my own bangs…. one of many mistakes made over time!)


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