Brooks Brothers for a younger generation

For you youngsters living in the Flatiron District NYC, Brooks Brothers is hoping you’ll be their newest shopaholics! A new store will be opening in your neighbourhood that will feature looks never before seen in your Brooks Brothers stores around the country! The clothing looks like it’s geared more towards a co-ed and less towards a city boy. It’s a nice change if you ask us. But one does wonder if there are one too many shops these days geared towards sportswear for college kids, not just in NYC but around the world. Here’s where Brooks Brothers’ Flatiron store will be different. First of all, the space is ginormous! There’s a whole lounge area that will feature vintage video games and free wi-fi thereby encouraging youthful individuals to not only come and shop but to enjoy quality time laying around the store. There will be clothing for both men and women, as is standard in Brooks Brothers shops, so everyone’s welcome to have a look! We’ll definitely be giving it a whirl when in NYC for fashion week… if they’re open then (no word on an official opening date yet but must open on time for all the returning college kids to outfit themselves, right?).


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