Barbra Streisand, what’s happened to your face?

On my recent adventures in the USA I spent some time in the Low Country with my family. My love for this part of the world, which has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, led me to rent every movie I could find that was filmed in Beaufort or Charleston, South Carolina. That way I would guarantee that I would do nothing but cry as I was en route back to London while wishing I was actually staying where the living was easy! So of course Prince of Tides was included in my rentals. 

As I watched the movie on the way home I marveled at how beautiful Barbra Streisand really was back in the day. She was so wonderfully different and each part of her that might have seemed awkward if taken apart actually came together like a beautiful symphony.  So imagine my surprise as I received word of her new album launch (in stores tomorrow) called “What Matters Most,” with the above picture. Oh Barbra, what have you done to yourself, my darling? 

Ladies, I am not sharing this with you to insult Barbra Streisand or to name and shame a bad plastic surgeon. I share this as a warning. Exercise extreme caution when you decide to go drink the “fountain of puffy youth” kool-aid. Aging gracefully is so much more beautiful than looking like you’ve been stung by a thousand bees which leave your face completely expressionless and immobile! If exhibit A, above, wasn’t enough for you please take a look at exhibit B,  video…

Here’s a clip from The Prince of Tides…pre any “anti-aging” procedures in 1991…(and if you haven’t seen this movie you really must rent it… Streisand is incredible!)

And here’s the promo for her latest CD release, thirty years after the above clip. You be the judge…

Thank goodness Barbra hasn’t done anything to her vocal chords! The album will of course be a huge success as this is one of the most talented vocalists on earth. I only wish she had allowed herself to visit a surgeon who would have said, “stop, you are too beautiful to do this to yourself.”


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