Wrangler “Booty’s Up” with a new spokesmodel

If you really know and embrace the history of jeans you’ll recognize that Wrangler have played a big part in putting denim exactly where it is today. They are a brand that have been loved by cowboys and fashionistas equally for decades. However, as times change so too must the image of brands in order to stay “cool”. I think Wrangler have managed to keep their cowboys happy but have, up until recently, struggled a bit more with their jet set who are focusing in on designer denim.  This could all change.

Wrangler have just announced a new patent-pending technology that is designed to lift the female “booty”. The jeans, called the Booty Up uplifting jean, actually raise one’s derriere using specially designed seams and shapers. Try and find another jean that will do that and only cost you $60!  However, the real image changer comes with a new spokesperson for the denim company.  Laura Bell Bundy, who you may recognize from Broadway as she played Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde” and won a Tony for her performance, is the new lady sporting butt lifting jeans for the adverts that will be seen around the USA from next month.

We’ll see what happens but I’m already loving the idea that a pair of jeans can take care of a week lacking time for the treadmill!

Source: WWD


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