What did Beyonce buy at Topshop for £5k?

The Daily Mail reported this morning that Beyonce Knowles had the ultimate shopping spree on Oxford Street on Monday! Apparently she spent £9,000 in 90 minutes- £4,000 at Selfridges and £5,000 at Topshop! Now if you know anything about Selfridges you know it’s quite easy to spend £4k! Most of us could find ways to do it in under five minutes without breaking a sweat. However, when it comes to Topshop, spending £5k is damn near impossible without going in and sweeping a whole floor.  You are hardpressed to find items in Topshop that exceed £50 and the most expensive item usually isn’t over £200 (for which there are about five in store).  This is a bargain hunters paradise and also the reason why there was a collective gasp when we heard of Beyonce’s shopping spree.

To put this into perspective, we tried to see if we could spend £5,000 online at Topshop on items we thought Beyonce would choose for her wardrobe.  Sadly, our grand total came in at under £4k and it included 11 dresses, 12 tops, 10 tees, 7 knits, 4 jackets, 4 skirts, 9 pairs of shoes, 6 handbags and 9 pieces of jewellery. Here’s a look at the selection. It’s an entire wardrobe!



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