Marc Jacobs gives us garden bum for Autumn Winter 2011

We’ve placed the heart to protect those who are underage and reading this blog. Hell, let’s be honest! We put the heart up to protect all eyes. This isn’t something anyone wants to see while flipping through a magazine displaying beautiful Ralph Lauren coats and new Gucci stirrup bags so I am sure it’s certainly something you’re surprised to see here on FFG. Sorry, Marc and Juergen Teller! We appreciate your artistic outreach here but honestly I’m scratching my head and wondering who this sort of ad will appeal to. If you are placing it in September glossies I can’t think of one fashionable person who’ll see this picture of an older gentleman in boots and think, “wow I must go get a pair of those.” So I’m led to believe that the one reason this exists is for pure shock value! Care to comment?


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