Wei’s Ginkgo Leaf Repairing Face Treatment Pads – a trial run

Last week I received a package from Space.NK with a lovely set of Wei beauty products inside. I must admit I’ve never heard of Wei before and am therefore a complete virgin when it comes to their beauty treatments. It’s always exciting to try beauty regimes these days. However, I’m mostly sent products that promise new breakthroughs in modern treatments. Wei beauty is not based on anything new and original when it comes to beauty. In fact, the treatments are derived from thousands of years of knowledge involving Chinese herbal medicine. 

Wei’s founder, Wei Young Brian has been studying Chinese herbs since she was a young girl and she’s overcome great obstacles to create a brand that puts her extensive research and experimenting to good work today. Her products have done so well that Wei Brian is currently considered one of the most successful Chinese entrepreneurs in the United States. The latest big news for Wei is the arrival of the brand on British shores in Space.NK shops. Which leads us here… my trial of the Wei Gingko Leaf Repairing Face Treatment Pads.  The set comes with six pads, each treatment being individually wrapped for convenience. The treatment lasts ten minutes and is pretty easy and mess-less in applying.  After one is finished with their mask it is to be thrown in the bin and the skin is allowed to absorb the product post removal.

Now brace yourselves people as I am about to share images of myself without makeup -very brave indeed! However, I do this because the treatment made my skin glow and I wanted you to see the results as they really are! I preach too often of people in “the industry” covering up the truth with makeup and photoshop so I sure as hell am not going to do that here. Anyway, coming back to the point! The treatment was quite the experience. You can actually feel the Repairing Pad working its magic. Your face tingles and in fact feels all together a tad bit strange. One hour after removing the pad my skin felt tighter and fresher almost like it was breathing for the first time. Looks like London was clogging up my skin a lot more than I gave it credit for! (oh just as a side note… I don’t know why I look so serious in the pictures of me with the pads on so please don’t take that to mean I’m a sourpuss!)


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