A surprising favourite: Garden & Gun Magazine

Most of you already know that I was born and raised in the Southern States in the USA.  I consider this my home and where my heart can always be found. It is true that when you are born a Southerner you’re heart and soul always remain there. It’ll forever be waiting for you to come home and sip sweet iced tea while enjoying the blistering heat on your front porch, ceiling fans working overtime above you. I am proud of where I come from. So much so that many probably hear me going on a little too much these days about how I long to return. However, there are little luxuries in life that I can carry back to London with me and have at the ready when a wave of homesickness floods over me. I have my selection of southern BBQ sauce, sun iced tea maker, cowboy boots (I’ve had since I was 15) and my latest issue of Garden & Gun

Oh I can only imagine what my European readers must be thinking reading this post at this very moment. Hold your horses, ya’ll. This is not the magazine you think it is. Well, perhaps it is a little. Garden & Gun is all about celebrating the Southern lifestyle! That does in fact include gardens and guns at times but I find this little ditty is more about celebrating the wonderful people, food and style that exists below the Mason Dixon line.  And my God if you haven’t travelled down south and indulged in good BBQ, great iced cold drinks and a spot of boutique shopping you are missing one of the finest experiences in life. It may be slower down there but that’s what makes life so incredibly sweet. We treasure every single moment instead of living in a rat race most of us find ourselves in today!

I’m getting off track, though.  So I’m just going to swiftly come back on to topic and break it down for you.

Top five reasons I love Garden & Gun, besides the obvious reason that it’s Southern!

1. Their three blogs , found online, are some of the best out there!

2. The photography in each issue blows me away and reminds me of all the beauty that exists in America.

3. They cover all the best Southern parties, again with the best photography.

4. They provide random wonderful fashion tips you would never see anywhere else!

5. The name is just too damn good! It’s the “Soul of the South” ya’ll!


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