Sponsored Post: Dolce & Gabbana are molding the modern gentleman

For those of you out there that are tired of men forgetting what it means to be gentlemen, there’s an application you need to share and share freely: Dolce & Gabbana Rules for the Modern Gentleman compiled by current GQ Editor Dylan Jones. The application is free to download and shares some pretty relevant and useful information for today’s modern male.

There’s even something for the ladies to learn in downloading this application. Firstly and most importantly, you’ll be able to tell if you’re dating an absolute oaf or a real gentleman. Although you should all know this without needing an application, now and then we all need a little reminding. Also, and this is what I found most useful, the application teaches you how to do things like tie neck and bow ties! Perfect for those black tie events. And what’s sexier than tying your man’s bow for a formal dinner?

And if you want to complete the Dolce & Gabbana package, pick up The One Fragrance (available at Boots in the UK and Bloomingdales in the USA)

Have a look at the application and let us know if Dolce & Gabbana have missed any important tips for the modern male!


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