Someone to sort and store my wardrobe… yes, please!

I’ve wondered who would be the first to do this and I have known that whoever had the money and time to make it happen would make an absolute killing! So Vault Couture, I commend you! I’m speaking of course of the great space dilemma in the big cities us fashionistas occupy. We often find ourselves in a situation where a living room is forced to become a closet as vast shoe collections require a great amount of space! Vault Couture is the answer to your space and wardrobe management problems. 

This new bespoke service is the next best thing to having a live in wardrobe butler.  Vault Couture will come and catalogue your entire wardrobe, take it away for safe storage and provide you with a genius iPad application that allows you to shop your wardrobe, style outfits and have your clothing delivered to your doorstep. No matter where you are in the world your wardrobe is ready to be delivered at the click of a button. It really is such an amazing concept!

I don’t know how much this service costs and I imagine it isn’t for the Primark and Gap shoppers amongst us. I picture Natalie Massenet, Olivia Palermo or Petra Ecclestone easily subscribing and living by this service. These wardrobes are what fashion dreams are made of and they require the greatest upkeep and organization. Not only does Vault Couture play organizer and storer, they also offer an alterations service and a special ‘Vault Boutique’ where you can sell off pieces that you no longer require for your wardrobe!


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