So Kate Moss has a half sister named Lottie Moss…

Alright people, Kate Moss has had a half sister now for thirteen years and we’re only now just talking about the fact that she could be a model like her big half sis? The Evening Standard, among other news sources, are running the story tonight that Moss’s half sister “Lottie”, short for Charlotte, is the next big thing. Yes she’s pretty and at 13 she does stand tall. She has English rose skin and enchanting eyes and we’ve read that she’s already done work for her parents’ vintage clothes shop modeling for them on Facebook. However, maybe Mossie’s sis doesn’t want the model life. Maybe she’ll end up being a professor of chemistry. Who knows? However, one must admit she does know how to work the camera! This picture of her from the wedding day is truly stunning! In a picture filled with 15 women she is giving us killer model eyes. Tyra Banks would be screaming “fierce” if she were judging this image on ANTM panel! 

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