RIP Lucian Freud

As I switched on my blackberry and scrolled through the news of the day this morning I found myself confronted with over a dozen emails from friends and family making me aware of a great loss in our world this morning. Lucian Freud had passed away in his sleep the night before. Freud was one of the greatest painters of the 21st century. He is probably best known for his “honestly” painted portraits. You see he didn’t portray women as great beauties, he painted them as he saw them in reality.  There was no sugar coating his work and frankly there were many that loved it and many that hated it in equal measure. However, I’ve yet to meet a living soul who could contest his artistic talent. For the fashion community, you may remember Freud’s shockingly real portrait of Kate Moss (seen above) from 2002. His paintings have sold for millions and hang on walls belonging to some of the world’s greatest collectors. To think we will never see another creation from the hand of Lucian Freud makes this a sad day indeed. RIP dear friend.


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