Quote of the Day: Nicola Formichetti & fat people

Yup, this quote actually happened. Nicola Formichetti is quoted in W Magazine‘s as saying these exact words. Now really Nicola, if you didn’t like people that aren’t ultra skinny couldn’t you have just kept that to yourself? Me thinks you need to hire a PR that can advise you against making such comments in the future. And I do hope Lady Gaga is having a bit of a word with you today about your attitude. Miss Gaga is supposedly all about loving yourself no matter what size you are. Certainly doesn’t seem her stylist is on board with such mantras. 

For those reading this… ignore the words of Nicola Formichetti. Skinny is not everything. Skinny is just everything in his world which seems to be all together very tiny indeed. There’s more to life. Whether you are large, small, tall, short,  round or square, you are an individual. And if you are happy as yourself it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say!  Fashion is all about having fun and experimenting with what looks good on you, not what someone else thinks will look good on you.


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