Plus size reality coming at you…

So TLC is releasing a new reality concept on August 30th called “Big Sexy.” It’s another fashion/modeling program but with a twist – it’s larger than life with plus sized models. However, the kicker is that it’s actually featuring women that are much larger than most plus sized models that really make it in the industry (especially after the news yesterday that many plus sized models are asked to wear padding to make their curves more pronounced). 

Once again we’re taking  fashion to extremes. Why can’t we do a show were good old size 14-16 women (the average size of women in the USA and UK today) try and make it in this industry? Instead they have to be larger than large or skin and bones. It’s getting tiresome. The “normal” woman today is completely ignored. 

I challenge any network to take on a show where the industry decides to champion the average woman who buys all of their clothes. Now THAT would be earth shattering and “breaking the mould”!


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