Modeling Camp: The biggest waste of money ever?

Modeling Camp has to be the biggest hoax in the business and the New York Daily News  has attracted a lot of attention in the past 24 hours for writing a great article on Modeling Camp NYC (see interview above as well). In their piece I particularly love the quote where a girl is told she needs to work on her height! The best comedy writers on earth can’t write this stuff!

I can remember as a kid growing up in NC I was asked to attend a “modeling convention” in Atlanta. I was an easy target. Being 15 and six feet tall of course people think the only place for you is on a catwalk. However, I had no idea how to use my new long arms and legs, I had braces and was growing out a horrendous perm.  I wasn’t the best looking kid in the bunch that’s for sure! But these agents said they saw something. 

Looking back now I think they saw a girl they could transform and starve to fit into the mold. But the kicker was that the first “agent” I spoke to told me I had to pay X amount to come down to Atlanta to take part in a runway competition. Well thank God I had a good head on my shoulders and parents that didn’t feed into the bullshit.  I kept my obsession with fashion alive in the dream world I escaped to every time I opened a Vogue and never revisited the idea of modeling again.

Over the past decade I’ve learned a lot about how this world of fashion works and for those looking to model, I’ll tell you that you’d be better off spending that $1,000 on a plane ticket to NYC  (or whatever major city is closest to you) where you can find out in five minutes whether you’re a right fit for the world of modeling. Just walk into any major agency for their open call and they’ll give you the truth and nothing but the truth no matter how much it hurts. But hey, you’ll probably end up saving a lot of money and you won’t be out four days of your life! And after the interview, if you don’t make the cut, you can indulge in a great NYC hot dog in celebration! 

If you do make the cut, I do hope you’re ready for what you’ve signed yourself up for. It’s not all glamour and champagne.  It can be the greatest life on earth or one of the most difficult depending on your situation and your state of mind upon entering. I would highly recommend watching Sara Ziff’s documentary on her life as a model, “Picture Me“, if you need a reality check on this world.


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