Michelle Obama covers Better Homes & Gardens August 2011

Alright so this isn’t the magazine cover you’d usually see on Fashion Foie Gras but we do have a method to our madness. We’ll file this under “dressing for your position in life.”  

Michelle Obama is The First Lady of the United States of America.  She’s also a mother of two beautiful girls and the wife of one of the most powerful individuals in the world. On top of that she has her fingers in many different pies whether they be political or philanthropic.  How does one dress for that position in life? Well, I imagine they dress just as Michelle Obama does now. She is a woman who is very comfortable with her body. She’s not a size zero. In fact we don’t even know what size she is but we do know that she carries herself more confidently than most supermodels  

Michelle Obama’s wardrobe is classic yet risky. She knows where the lines are drawn when it comes to her look but she is continually changing up her style and she makes it look fun. Fashion is supposed to be fun right (many of us have forgotten that over the years and turned fashion into a competitive sport)?

This latest cover of Better Homes & Gardens showcases a motherly Michelle Obama. She looks like she could be your best friend, your adoring mom and your most beautiful wife.  She also makes you envious of her revolving wardrobe (granted, this is a magazine cover styled with borrowed clothes but you know what I mean).

So this post is really to say that no matter where you heart may lie, politcally speaking, you can’t ignore that our first lady is one stylish individual! Well played Better Homes & Gardens.


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