Mango’s sale is just too good this season!

It’s been a while since I stepped into Mango. I can’t pinpoint what turned me off about four years ago but I just stopped going in. However, last week I was asked in store to consult on a special project and I ended up wishing I had come earlier so I could check things out a bit further. So in I went, the very next day, to re-explore the Mango merchandise and I ended up walking out with three bags full of clothing. I was, thank goodness, shopping their sale. That did ease the pressure on the American Express a bit. Who knew you could get a perfectly acceptable dress for under nine quid! Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know that the sale is still on and all the dresses above (which I now own and love) are still available both online, which has a huge selection available in all sizes, and in store. 


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