Lyrics and Logos for The Foundation for Tomorrow

Alright Manhattanites! It’s time for me to call you to action. Don’t worry… I’m not asking you to forfeit your rent controlled Park Avenue Penthouse or give up your lovely morning car service. I’m not even asking you to give up your weekend in the Hamptons. In fact I’m encouraging you to go seaside so that you can do something good for the world while still embracing your love for all things fashionable and fabulous! 

The Foundation for Tomorrow, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for African orphans to attend boarding school in their home countries, is holding an event in Water Mill, NY called Lyrics and Logos this Saturday afternoon/evening. There will be more fashion, cocktails and great music than you can shake a martini at! Tickets for the fashion show, cocktails and music are $100 each. If you want the true VIP treatment you can sign up for a three course dinner, plus all the action with fashion and music for $500. And there’s a true upside. Rather than spending that $500 on a new handbag  you can rest easy as your head hits your silk satin sheets knowing that your money has helped change the world and The Foundation for Tomorrow truly is making this world a better place.  

For those of you that can’t catch a lift to the States this weekend, may I suggest you donate to this wonderful cause? I’ve been told that even $1 can make the most incredible difference.  I know I write all the time about buying Louboutins or Louis Vuittons but truly this is something that everyone can take part in.


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