Introducing Violet Darkling

So I was visiting with Dust PR last week and checking out what’s what with brands and trying to keep in the loop with their busy clientele! Always beware when you ask a PR what’s new… you’ll get more than you bargained for. However, in this case I was happily overwhelmed with new and exciting projects to share with all of you. First up, a new jewelry brand that I predict will be a massive hit. It’s already been featured by the fashionistas at Conde Nast so unfortunately I’m not the first one to jump into their fanclub. They’re called Violet Darkling and the name is just about the most perfect thing ever in matching up with their creations. They’re dark but beautiful, haunting but delightful and precious yet something you’ll want to wear every single day and sturdy enough to withstand the exposure.

Violet Darkling have created a collection where gold and silver are made into “mysterious creatures of the the night”! Expect to see wolf skull and spine necklaces, delicate spiders and biting Fossa rings with hand set jewels. And Violet Darkling isn’t just for the ladies, they make mens accessories too, including some absolutely stellar cufflinks.

The creative darling behind Violet Darkling is New Zealand born Louisa Richwhite. Born and raised on an island off the coast of New Zealand, Louisa credits her creativity to her upbringing. Later in life she spent time in Switzerland, which would explain the luxury slant to the business and finally she relocated to the English countryside.  Her creations represent some of the finest handywork in the industry and surprisingly the prices are moderatly priced for such an amazing talent. Expect to find pieces ranging in price from £45 to £2,900.

Violet Darkling is available at


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